Few things in this world drive me more crazy than a messy environment, I hate clutter but it is everywhere. Coming home at the end of a day to a house cluttered with dishes and laundry and boxes and bags and what not is just depressing. I am one who throws things away, which is an art lost on other members of my family.

My wife is one who will hang on to a broken mop for 7 years because someday we may need it again, or how about that drawer of Tupperware lids that fit nothing anymore but you just aren’t allowed to throw out or maybe you have 8 junk drawers and one for silverware, I know your pain my friend. I recently read an article about whether your home can make you fat, I must live in a squalor because I know my home has chunked a pound or 2 on my carcass. The article talked about how coming home to a messy home makes you feel defeated and non-energetic and I can tell you that is very true. When you clean your home it feels so much fresher and inviting and you tend to feel the same. I know after I have finally cleaned out the closets and drawers and attacked that pile of clothes and blankets that have been taking up space forever, I feel like a kid with new tennis shoes who thinks he can jump higher than ever before. I know you can look at your piles of stuff and think, “where do I start?”, just think of it like eating an elephant, one bite at a time, take a bite each day and before you know it you have consumed the pachyderm.

I recently had the most amazing thing happen to me and my mess, I went to San Francisco for vacation and while I was gone my wonderful son Nick, cleaned and organized my garage. What an amazing gift! I had a clean garage once but then kids moved back in and brought their stuff with them and then moved out but left stuff behind, then moved in again with more stuff, I basically had room to squeeze my motorcycle in after buttering each side of the gas tank so it just slipped in between mattresses and dressers. I came home to find nothing but an organized, neatly arranged garage with nothing but my Harley and a dog bed on the floor. I have already lost 4 pounds running around my garage smiling.

If your clutter is making you unhealthy, make a game plan and get cleaning, you will feel so much better, I guarantee it. Plan B, take a trip and call my son. Thank you Nick, you are the best.