Crow meat, get your crow meat here!! I wish I could have invested in crow meat because there is an awful lot of it needing to be eaten this morning. All those experts who gave the Broncos no chance and all the Bronco fans who also gave the team no chance, have a lot of crow to eat today. The Broncos and their little QB who doesn’t know how to throw beat the Steelers and the number one defense in the NFL.

I went through every emotion in this game. The way the first quarter went I was nervous and upset with the Bronco play calling. I wondered if our offensive coordinator was wearing a Pittsburgh jersey. The 2nd quarter has generally been a nightmare for us this year yet we threw up 20 points. I was jacked up, a 20-6 lead. Woo hoo! Then Pittsburgh started the comeback and I started thinking maybe I would be happy with the fact that we gave them a heck of a game. When Champ Bailey dropped what would have been a game clinching interception in the end zone, I got even more nervous. My grandson got home with 50 seconds left and was startled to hear grandpa scream louder than ever before when overtime started. What a play! One pass and it was over. What a game and what a Sunday.

I was up and 8 ready to watch pregame but found myself having to turn off the pregame shows because I was getting furious over the lack of respect they showed the Broncos. Nearly every announcer had laughter in their voices talking about the Broncos chances and it was driving me nuts.

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow

This was a total team effort. The defense, offense and special teams all were huge. The defensive line got pressure on Big Ben, Matt Prater blasted every kick out the end zone so there were no returns and Tebow was the best he has ever done. It takes a special player to have his best performance in his biggest game. I love this kid! What a class act and what a talent. He is a winner, pure and simple. I find it rather fitting that the religious Tebow would throw for 3:16 yards. I am now looking forward to hearing all the commentators back track and try to cover up the fact that they said Denver was pathetic and didn’t deserve to be there. There are going to many reported cases of Tebowneshia. Tebowneshia is an affliction where you say how little talent Tebow has as a QB then after they win you praise him and pretend you never said anything bad about him hoping no one remembers. As happy I am the Broncos won I am even more happy with how they won…throwing the football.

The bandwagon is about to get crowed again but that is fine, jump on board we have plenty of room, next stop New England, who, by the way, lost to Pittsburgh this year. Do you believe?