As I was cleaning the debris from the yard this weekend I couldn’t help but notice there was none in the neighbors’ yard. I kept thinking of that of that old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Now we know that saying is referring to life in general, be it a job, relationship or whatever and it is a very deceiving saying. The grass may be greener but it is because they have taken care of their “lawn”.

Chances are if you got your hands on it, it would brown up and die in no time if you didn’t water, fertilize and take care of it. Lawns don’t green on their own, it takes care and attention, just like your job and relationships do. We need to do maintenance on it or it will not last. If we take care of what we already have we may find we already have what we wanted. I see this in my profession a lot. People will travel all over the country chasing a green lawn and end up coming back to that same little patch of grass where they were most happy.

Take care of the grass you have and you will find your neighbors looking over your fence in envy wondering what your secret is. By the way , later in the day yesterday a dog broke into my neighbors backyard through their broken fence and ate one of their chickens. Guess my branch filled yard wasn’t so bad after all.