I try to live my life with no regrets. Now don’t get me wrong, I have made many bad mistakes in my life but I like to think that I have learned something from each of them and together, all my mistakes, failures and successes make me who I am today. There is one regret that I have but I can do something about that one.

I never learned to play a musical instrument and it kills me. I have a guitar now and am going to teach myself to play it.

I feel every child should learn how to play an instrument. I think the music and arts programs at schools should be much more featured, praised and funded just like athletics. The ability to play an instrument does so much for a person. Who is more popular at a party than the person who can play the guitar or piano? The life skills you gain from being able to get in front of people and make music, relying on yourself, your talent, just you…is priceless.

If you are in theater and have the ability to get on a stage and perform, you have a skill set that will help you throughout life. I know that battle a lot of our youth face is trying to do what is considered “cool”. I can promise you that if you are in a school play or concert, every person in that  audience wishes they were you and had what it takes to get up on that stage. Encourage our kids to make music and make art, it makes a better world and better people. The world is a stage, get on it and PLAY!!