5..4..3..2..1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thought I would get that out of the way now cause I will not be awake to do if for real. I have to be honest, New Years is my least favorite of the “major” holidays in fact I think I even get more fired up for Arbor Day. Getting to see the new year arrive is about as exciting to me as passing the Wyoming state line. I think it may be a young person or single persons holiday. I am neither.

New Years for me signals nothing. The only thing I used to look forward to was writing the first check of the year and seeing if I remember to put the new year in the date but since we don’t write checks anymore I don’t even have that to look forward to. Any holiday that takes place at midnight is not going to be celebrated by me, I am in bed by 8 so let’s make it a nooner. New Years is just another reminder of the things you said you would do this year but didn’t and a chance to promise yourself you will do them this year..another lie. This time of year also brings the end of football season, more daylight and dryer weather, all things that make me sad. My hair and skin can’t handle the lack of moisture, yes, I am turning in my guy card.

If you are out celebrating, and I hope you do, please be smart out there and don’t drink and drive, there are plenty of transportation options. If you are making a resolution this year, good luck to you. My resolution will be the same as it is every day, try to make everyone I encounter feel better after seeing me than they did before. Happy New Year!! Have a great weekend but please keep it down, I will be trying to sleep.