I admit I am a creature of habit. I like things a certain way and keep them that way. I get up at the same time, use the same towel (I’m kidding, I do wash it monthly), put in my contacts, brush teeth then do an insulin shot. It’s a regular routine.  When I go to work I take the same route, drink from the same cup, sit the same way, papers laid out in front of me the same each day. I find comfort in having things just the way I am used to. If anyone moves my cheese I tend to freak.

Today I decided to vary from my norm. I took a different route to work. It felt weird but I feel a little more alive and challenged because it wasn’t the same old comfortable feel. Sometimes we can get so stuck in our daily routine and set on human cruise control that we forget to actually drive our lives. Don’t let your life run you, run your life. Make your own choices, mix it up a little and break the cycle of normal. You can still have your comforts but don’t let that take away your sense of adventure. Take a new route, drink from a different cup, dance a new dance and enjoy the variety of life.