I have been married for 21 wonderful years, I have actually been married for 25 years, but at least 4 of them weren’t that great :) Many people ask what the secret is to being married that long. Working opposite schedules so you don’t see each other sure helps but here is a little something I have found helps.

Every day I try to at least one thing to make my wife happy. I know that sounds simple but a lot of people in relationships don’t do this. Maybe it’s something as simple as driving the vacuum through the house, making dinner, get the groceries, replace the light bulb, fix the cupboard, get a rose, write a note, through her towel in the dryer when she takes a shower and hand it to her when she steps out. It doesn’t take a lot, but it helps.

Most of the time, to be honest, she doesn’t even notice the things I do but that is fine. I know eventually she will and it will silently let her know I am helpful and thinking of her. It is good for me too. I can relax and rest my mind knowing I have done something positive and not for me. Although in the long run, it really is for me; cause "when mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy".

What are you doing to do to make mama happy tonight?