Is everything ok? There are many situations to ask to that question, like when someone looks like they feel ill, when someone has gone through some personal trauma or life difficulty or just seems off. We have all asked or been asked that question thousands of times in our lives. The one time that question drives me crazy though is when I go to out to eat dinner.

If a server comes up to me after I get my meal and asks “Is everything ok?” I wonder, is ok really all you are looking to achieve? If I wanted “ok” I would’ve stayed at home. I can do “ok”, I expect more than “ok” when I go out and spend my hard earned money I want at least “great”.

If ok is your goal and acceptable you aren’t going far in life and aren’t getting my hard earned money either. The world is full of people who settle for ok, we need to set the bar a little higher. Could you imagine if your doctor was satisfied with just doing an ok surgery on you or your mechanic gave you an ok brake job? If someone is paying you for your services you owe it to them and yourself to be the best you can be. Don’t settle for “ok”, go for awesome.