Sleep. We all need it. We all love it. We all do it differently. In a recent survey 41% of us say we sleep curled up in the fetal position, 15% sleep on their side, 8% on the back and 7% on the stomach. I am guessing the rest sleep standing up. I always start out in the fetal position and end up on my back.

Now we know it is important to get a good nights’ rest but it isn’t always easy. Have you ever laid there in bed thinking, “I have got to get to sleep”, but just can’t? Here is what I do in the situation…get up. Sounds simple doesn’t it? No one has died from not sleeping last night. If you can’t sleep get up and try to stay up. You will either fall asleep or stay up. Either way you will survive the day. Don’t lay there and stress thinking “I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.” Get up. Read a book, do some laundry, pay some bills or make a cake for the good morning guys and then try again.

If you have continuous trouble falling asleep you should see someone about it because your brain needs to shut down and reboot A night or two of sleep trouble in no biggie. If all else fails we can record some of Susan’s horse stories for you. That would do the trick.