Ever get overwhelmed? Of course you have. I have never met anyone who is just whelmed. We all get overwhelmed. Yesterday I came home and looked around the house at all the things that needed to get done and felt exhausted just thinking about it. I sat down and started to grumble about all of it and then decided to just dive in.

First I hauled the laundry down and threw in the first load. I made a game of it and saw if I could get the vacuuming done while the first load washed. Done! I threw in the 2nd load and cleaned the closet while that washed. Done! The 3rd load gave me time to fill the fish tank and humidifier. Done! The 4th load made me realize I need to do laundry more often so I don’t have 4 loads to do.

I was done with everything by late afternoon and had time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening with a sense of accomplishment. I found, once again, that is actually takes less time to do something than it does to gripe about it. It all comes back to that old saying…”How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Do you have an elephant that needs eating? Grab your fork and get started. You’ll be surprised how quickly it’s gone.