What a great Super Bowl! That was a fantastic game. It came down to the final play before the Giants sealed the victory. That was everything a championship should be. The 2 best teams at the end of the year playing for the big prize. Hope you enjoyed the game and the food and all the fun super Sunday provides. Now for the one suggestion I have to make everyone enjoy the game even more.

Get rid of the major halftime entertainment. Madonna did a good job and I know a lot of people really enjoyed it. I also know a lot of people didn’t. You can’t please everyone but I think you please most with this idea. Let’s have a national championship marching band perform at halftime. Everyone loves watching a marching band. Imagine a tribute to our military at halftime and how cool that would be to see. I would also like to have the Punt, Pass and Kick national championship at halftime too. Now that would be entertaining. I just feel the big halftime productions kill the flow of a football game and a band and kids competing would be much more footbally.

Just this football fans opinion. What did you think of the halftime show?