America loves an underdog so, just like me, America will be cheering for the Broncos. I cannot wait for the playoff game Sunday when Denver will shock the football world and beat Pittsburgh. Call me crazy but I am telling you now, they will win!

Pittsburgh nearly lost to Cleveland last week and don’t have a high powered offense. If I were to pick the one team the Broncos have the best shot against, it would be the Steelers. They have the number one defense but I don’t think it will take a lot of points to win this game.

Everyone is giving the Broncos no chance of winning which is just fine with me. No one thought they would win the west either but they did. Some say they “backed into the playoffs”. I say bull, they earned it. The division champ earns the title by being the best for the duration of a season not just the last few weeks. They started the season awful then got awesome then got awful again but the awesome streak was better than anything any of the other teams put up at any point and was enough to win it. They earned it. All the other teams in the race had chances to win and get in as well, the Jets, Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders all had the opportunity to control their destination and failed. The only team that can complain is Tennessee who finished 9-7 but they are not in the western division. There are 20 other teams who would love to be in the Broncos position.

Think of how far this team has come. They hadn’t made the playoffs since 2005 and are now hosting a playoff game as division champs. They started out 1-4 with what looked like no hope then they go 7-4 the last 11 games. I think that is awesome. So many have said they have no chance because they lost the last 3 games in row. Would you have felt better if they had lost more earlier in the year? Should they have just won 2 in a row and then lost one, then win 2 and lose one and win 2 and lose one again? Would that make you think they are more playoff ready? 4 out of the last 5 teams to make the playoffs with a non winning record have gone on to win the first of their playoff games. Make it 5 of 6 after Sunday.

Tebow bashing seems to be back in vogue but I think he is going to have a stellar game. Keep in mind that experience wise he is still a rookie but has a winning record as a starter and has his team in the playoffs. I hope they turn him loose, let him throw it, run it, whatever it takes. Throw some sort passes early on to get in a rhythm and open up the offense instead of only letting him pass in obvious passing situations. Heck even Tom Brady would look bad if the only time he got to pass was on 3rd and long.

The bandwagon has gotten much lighter the last few weeks but I am ready to move over and make room for you all on Monday. Go Broncos!!!!