One more sleep! Just one more day until the Broncos take on the Patriots. Can the Broncos do it again? Of course they can and I will tell you the 5 things Denver needs to do to pull off another upset.

5. Control the football. The Broncos need to establish the running game early and keep the ball away from Tom Brady. We need to produce 6 minute drives and keep the Patriots offense off the field.

4. If we get ahead in the game we need to keep the foot on the gas and not let up. It is not unusual for New England to get behind by 17-21 points and come roaring back. No lead is safe, keep scoring.

3. The Broncos cannot turn the ball over. In the game a few weeks ago against New England, the Broncos were controlling the action until we were plagued with turnovers. If it weren’t for the 3 fumbles in the previous matchup, I am convinced Denver would have won and won handily.

2. We have to get pressure on Tom Brady. If they can get to Brady they can get in his head a bit. The front four of Denver has to come through and get to Tom. We cannot rely on the blitz to get to him because if you start sending linebackers or DB’s in to blitz him that will leave a receiver or back open and Brady will find them. We need to get to him with the four horses up front.

And the number one thing the Broncos need to do to beat the Patriots….

1. Score more points than the Patriots. I know that will work.

I wrote a song this morning and Todd and I performed it for Susan.  It's called "Tom Brady Stinks" to the tune of the "Brady Bunch".

Go to Brian and Todd's Facebook Page to read the lyrics for the song.

The Broncos can do this and create another great playoff memory against the Patriots. Who can ever forget Shannon Sharpe on the sideline picking up and pretending to call the president? “Mr. President, we are killing the Patriots!” Go Broncos!!!