Men can be annoying according to, well, everyone who has met one. I am one, and know of my annoyance factor, but sometimes we need a little help in pointing out what we do that annoys you. Thank goodness Women's Health Magazine came out with a list titled "What is your man's most annoying habit?" Let's see how many I am guilty of...

  • 29% said leaving clothes on the floor. My wife and I have been married for 25 years. We quit getting naked years ago so there are no clothes to leave laying around.
  • 26% said leaving dishes in the sink. I always let the dogs lick the dishes clean and put them right back in the cupboard. Problem solved!
  • 21% said leaving the toilet seat up. Seriously. How hard is it to flip it down? We don't complain about you leaving it down. We just look at it as an opportunity to improve our marksmanship.
  • 18% said letting the trash pile up. My rule is as long as it still sets on the top of the pile and doesn't fall off, there is still room. Kind of like trash can Jenga. You just need to learn to be a better player.
  • 6% said leaving change all over the place. Something tells me if they were dollar bills all over the place there would be no complaining. The reason there is change everywhere is we spent the dollars trying to make you happy.

Guys if you want to really make her happy, quit spending money on flowers or cards or nights out, just learn to pick up your clothes, clean your plates, drop the toilet seat, take out the trash and keep the change. :)