This weekend was the annual Christmas decoration clean up at the house. This is always a difficult time for me. I just love Christmas and the feeling it brings so I hate taking down the decorations...okay bottom line is I am lazy and it takes some work to do.

There is the look the dogs give me as I take out the tree, like, "hey Bri, where are you taking our toilet? we loved the indoor plumbing", then there is the smell of vacuuming the carpet afterward. That sweet pine tree air freshener smell that fills the house. My wife came home and thought I spilled a bottle of gin. Then, it never get all the decorations down, sit back and relax and then my daughter says, "dad, you forgot to take down JOY". We have a big knitted JOY that we hang on the wall for Christmas and I had spaced out taking it down. I thought for a minute, why not have JOY all year long. Why should i just share JOY during Christmas? I am keeping it up and sharing JOY all year. I think we all should and can do that. Truth, i was just too lazy to take it down. Have a joyful day!