Jordan Dawson, TSM

Brian, Susan and I had an absolute blast putting on the comedy portion of the Good Morning Guys Habajeeba Good Time Variety Happy Hour Comedy Show on Friday Night at the Union Colony Civic Center. We even got Chase Bryant, The Cadillac Three, and Dan + Shay in on the comedy.

We opened the show with Sponge Todd Square Pants and Fatrick.  We didn't have a Krabby Patty, but we did have a mildly ticked off and injured Susan.

North Dakota Jeopardy was a hoot with topics like: "I've Shot That", "Things I've Been Frozen To", "What's That Smell" (It was me), and "What The Dickens?"  The winner got a summer sausage.

A lively version of Match Game allowed us to pull all of the musical artists on stage and fostered a hilarious rivalry between Dan + Shay and Jaren from The Cadillac Three.

Brian Gary's stand-up routine was classic and probably brought the biggest laughs of the night. A big thank you to our Digital Managing Editor Jordan and our buddy Randy Owens for taking some wonderful pictures.