When Brian and I were asked to race go karts in the Motor Sports Spectacular at the Greeley Stampede, we were both a little apprehensive.  Neither of us have any racing experience, and we have some pictures to prove it!

O.K. I did drive in a couple of media races at Colorado National Speedway, but came in 2nd to last in both of those races.  In this race, I was very fortunate.  Bruce "The Moose" Yackey gave me his go kart to use. It was fast. I dare say it was the fastest car on the track. If my skills matched the car, I would have won easily.  That didn't happen.

I came in 2nd.  Brian finished 4th out of 6.  But hey, It was a blast. Now my excuse for not winning. Look at the picture below at the start of the race.   That is the green flag waving and I am still on the turn.   If we would have all started together, my chances would have been much better. I did catch the winner at the end, but just couldn't get by her.  Oh well! I would do it again in a second.