Photo with Todd's iPhone

The black and White photo is what I looked like back in 1990.  Brian and I were just starting our career together.  Back in the early 90s I was single. I was skinny. I didn't wear glasses. I couldn't grow facial hair yet, and if I had, it would not have been gray.

The picture to the right is me this morning.  I have 2 more decades me.  I have gained a few lbs, o.k. quite a few.  My hair has grayed.  I now wear bifocals and just had the prescription strengthened.  I have a full beard (The Truck Beard) and it is full of gray.  I am even starting to get wrinkles in my eyes. I have been very happily married to my lovely wife Jenny for nearly 18 years.

A couple things have not changed over the past 25 years.  Brian and I are still the Good Morning Guys on K99 and we still love what we do.  That will never change.

Thanks for allowing us to live our dream each and every day!