Friday was Read Across America Day.  It usually falls on Dr. Seuss' birthday, but this year that was during the weekend. (Saturday, March 2nd) Every year Brian and I like to read in a school or two to celebrate the holiday.

We started out reading at Scott Elementary in Greeley, which has become a tradition for us.  I read "If I Ran The Zoo", while Brian acted out the story for 3 classes of 5th graders.  This year we only got through the one book before I time was up.

I then ventured out on my own to Laurel Elementary in Fort Collins. I read in 4 different classrooms. The kindergarten teachers were Mrs. Michelle Arnold, Mrs. Emily Anderson, Ms. Sue Simmons and Miss Miriam Cromley. The first grade teachers were Mrs. Stacy Hoban and Mrs. Michelle Vandever. I even sang and danced for one class.

I took along my camera and several different teachers and teacher's aides snapped some photos for me.