I have the greatest job in the world. I get to come in and play with my friends each day and play music and laugh. What a way to make a living. In the meantime there are men and women who are sleeping on dirt, in driving winds, in mud, in snow, in unbearable heat, in surroundings we couldn’t dream of, defending our freedom and our country. They don’t know us, have never met us but are willing to lay down their lives so we can live ours.

I wish I could say I have what it takes to do that but I don’t think I do. It takes a special person to serve this country and I have the utmost respect, love and gratitude to those that do.

When I was a kid playing with my army men or now when I play with them with my grandson, I pretend to be a brave soldier protecting my country from harm. I am a brave man in my make believe world but know I would crumble in the heat of the real world.

Veterans deserve our thanks and gratitude today and every day. At any time if you are out and about and see someone with a veterans hat on or know someone who served this nation, shake their hand, say “thank you”, say “welcome home”, say something and show your thanks. So many have seen and done things we could never imagine and live with it every day. My father in law served in Korea and rarely speaks of it. I know he has things deep inside that should come out but he can’t.

Too many of our men and women have come home and not gotten the help they need for mind and body. That is a shame. Take it upon yourself to better the lives of those have bettered ours. God bless our veterans and God bless the USA.