Don’t throw in the towel just yet, the Broncos are alive!! Just when you thought it was time to give up the Broncos this year an amazing thing happened, everyone in the division lost, we won and are now 1 game from 1st place. What a difference a week makes.

Last week against Detroit they looked liked one of the worst teams in the NFL then this week they looked fantastic. This was the best team effort I have seen in years. The defense made big plays, the special teams made big plays and the offense made big plays.

The Broncos ran for nearly 300 yards against Oakland. 300! Tebow himself rushed for over a hundred yards and threw for 2 touchdowns as well. I woke up yesterday with a feeling of victory in the air. I even wrote on facebook that I sensed a victory or it could be all the painkillers I have been taking. I must admit that at halftime I wasn’t overly confident, especially after taking 3 points off the board the way they did right before the half. I was shaking my head over that decision but the team never quit. Willis McGahee was incredible all day, including his 60 yard TD scamper and I must say I nearly jumped out of my Eddie Royal jersey when he returned the kick for a touchdown.

There is new life in these Broncos. The AFC west is wide open. Do you really think Kansas City is that good? Me either. The Chargers are talented but amazingly inconsistent as are the Raiders. Do the Broncos have what it takes to turn it on take the division? Why not? None of the others have shown that they are ready to take the title so whoever turns it on now for the 2nd half of the season can do it. Look out AFC, the Broncos are young, hungry and now believe they can win. That could be trouble for Chief, Charger and Raider fans. Next up are the Chiefs in KC. Can we make it two in a row on the road?