My name is Brian Gary and I like G.I. Joe. I know I am not the only one who loved playing with him when I was a kid...and as an adult. Today is G.I. Joe's birthday. He was created on this day in 1964. Think of the adventures we put ours through.

I know mine had his arm melted in a wicked crayon fire and was busted numerous times trying to break into Barbie's dream house. He never had a problem getting past Ken. Ken wasn't much of a security system. I read this morning where Mattel, the toy company, is launching a publicity campaign to help Ken woo Barbie back after she left him 7 years ago for Australian surfer Blaine. I know my daughter's Barbie also had a fling with Evel Knievel. I caught them riding around my living room on his stunt cycle years ago. I wish Ken the best in trying to win her back but sorry Ken, I still don't think you have a chance. She is too good for you and I think still has feelings for her one true love G.I. Joe. Happy Birthday G.I. Joe. You will always be the coolest action figure ever.