I thought since the Broncos are beating the Ravens this weekend I would rewrite a verse of the Edgar Allan Poe classic poem "The Raven". Go Broncos!!!

Once upon a Mile High dreary, the Ravens looked all weak and weary
over many a huge and curious volume of our Bronco scores.

I applauded, loudly clapping, suddenly there came a tapping
as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my basement door.

"Tis some moron" I muttered "tapping at my basement door
only this and nothing more."

But then I distinctly remember, the aroma of roni of pepper
and 8 delicious slices are in the hand behind the door.

Happily I began to cry, for I had ordered a pizza pie.

From the basement he walked in and the cheering would again begin.

For then again you heard the roar, Peyton Manning threw another score
and the Ravens from Baltimore shall play nevermore.