I am a music freak and I love nothing more than turning people on to great music. Let me turn you on to the latest from Show Dog-Universal Music recording artist Trace Adkins-Cowboys Back In Town.

This disc kicks some serious country tail. I have been a Trace fan since his first hit "There's A Girl In Texas" back in 1996. Trace is one of those artists who does "manly country" music. He can do a love song in a rather macho kind of way and can flat out rock the house too. He is the kind of singer that the ladies think is a long haired sexy dude and the guys still think is cool as blue steel. This disc has a little something for everyone. He has plenty of humorous redneck style tunes like the opening cut "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow" which is about what you may think it's about. "Hold My Beer" is a classic line to me as well. This song is about a guy getting to do many things from fighting to getting married and asking his buddy to hold his beer cause this shouldn't take long, a song about true friendship. "Hell, I Can Do That" is about how overpaid actors and athletes get big bucks for crashing cars and fumbling footballs when hell, I can I do that for free. Trailer Choir, of "Rockin' The Beer Gut" fame, joins Trace on "Don't Mind If I Don't", a song about doing nothing and loving it. I can certainly relate to that message. There are a couple of nice ballads like "Still Love You" and "Break Her Fall" as well as the hit "This Ain't No Love Song". If you like some drive in your country, put the pedal to the floorboard or the mouse to the mouse pad, and pick up Trace Adkins "Cowboys Back In Town"