It is Oscar night on Sunday. I love movies and watch several a week but the Academy Awards are usually not much of an event to me. I tend to like the movies that do not get nominated for anything and have usually  never seen or heard of the movies or performances that are up for the honors. This year I saw more nominated performances than I ever have so I am actually interested in the show.

As always there are some deserving nominations and some glaring omissions. I will make my predictions and then tell you of the greatest travesty of injustice as far as nominations go. First off, Best Supporting Actor will go to Christain Bale for The Fighter, Best Supporting Actress will go to Amy Adams for The Fighter as well, Best Actor will go to Colin Firth for The King's Speech, Best Actress will be Natalie Portman for Black Swan and Best Picture will go to The Social Network. There is now no need to watch the show, I have given the results. Now about that glaring omission I was talking about earlier...How can you nominate Javier Bardem, for a role nobody saw, Jeff Bridges for playing a gravely old codger, Jesse Eisenberg for playing a geekish twit, Colin Firth for playing a man with a speech problem and James Franco as a man who decides to cut off his own limb to survive but not recognize the amazing work Mr. Potato Head did in Toy Story 3? Talk about depth as an actor. James Franco cuts off one limb, big deal, Mr. Potato Head ripped of his arms, legs, eyes and ears still get shafted, he even took on the role of a tortilla in one scene, now that my friend, is acting. Mr. Potato Head, you have my vote.