In my never ending quest to get a grasp on my health I am going to do something that is long overdue...I am going in for a sleep apnea test. I have no doubt that I have sleep apnea. It is when you have a condition that makes you stop breathing over and over and over while you are trying to sleep. It can cause all sorts of ailments that I currently suffer from and I am hoping that my diagnosis will help me to better life. I know I will be healthier in every way if I can get this corrected.

There are so many of us who could benefit from this test. I know there are many of you who go through the same thing I do. You may be in bed for several hours but you are not getting the proper rest for your mind and body to heal and recharge itself during your slumber. My brother told me he did this years ago and it changed his life. He, and his family, have told me he is a completely different person since he was diagnosed and began began taking care of it. I can't wait to find out how good I can feel. I will be going in on Wednesday night for an overnight sleep study to see how many times I quit breathing during the night. I think I am going to be shocked at the results. I am looking forward to continuing down the path of a better me. I will keep you posted and I recommend you make that appointment you have been putting off. Time to take care of you.