I have always been exposed to the power of music. I was raised in a home where music was always blasting. The voices of Elvis, Buck Owens, Eddie Albert and more filled my home. I would be lost without music and have passed that love on to my children. Now that I am a grandpa I have a new little musical mind to shape. I have been subjecting him to my singing along to radio since he was born. Now we have video of Zander singing with Grandpa.

This week, my grandson Zander came home from a trip to Utah and had learned a new trick. He has been listening to George Strait his whole life(nearly 2 years) and obviously loves his new song “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” because he sings along with me now. I couldn’t believe it. I can be anywhere in the house and sing “baby love’s gonna make it, love’s gonna make it” and he will sing back with “alright”. I just melted when he did that. Seeing a little guy sing and dance just lights me up. I am proud that I have helped create another generation of George Strait fans.

In case you have forgotten how the song really goes.  Here is a YouTube version of George singing  "Love's Gonna Make It Alright".