Today is a big day for Jerrod Niemann. His new Cd "Free The Music" hits the stores today. I loved his debut "Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury". It had the smashes "Lover, Lover", "What Do You Want" and "One More Drinkin' Song" plus all the other great ones that never made the radio. I was anxious to hear what he had in store for the follow up. The first disc was a fun musical adventure and the new one picks right up where the last one left off. Buckle up and prepare for a musical adventure.

Jerrod is an amazing songwriter and that shines through on the new release as well. He takes you on an unpredictable musical journey that includes every instrument known to man. He used uses a beer bottle choir in this one. I swear the only instrument I didn't hear on it was a glockenspiel. I bet he puts one of those on the next Cd. Aside from the hit "Shinin' On Me" there were 4 other cuts that jumped out at me. "Only God Could Love You More" may be one of the prettiest things Jerrod has done. A few more of the gold nuggets on this one are the sexy sounding "Guessing Games" the cool sound of "It Won't Matter Anymore" which includes the beer bottle choir and a cool duet with pop star Colbie Caillat called "I'm All About You".

Jerrod is a great writer and singer who paints outside the lines. I think he is like a mad scientist in the studio. Pay the bail today and help Jerrod free the music.

We talked to Jerrod this morning about the new music. Check out the interview here.