I love me some chips. Potato chips, Doritos and the like have been my weakness forever. I find opening a bag of chips to be like a present. You are never sure what is going to be inside. When I open a bag of Cheetos I look for that one big one that is coated with cheese flavoring. I am guilty of looking for the Dorito that is caked with the Dorito dust.

When we went to Topeka last weekend, we had a barbeque for Charley's birthday and there was a bag of Wavy Lays laying on the table that was whispering to me. I opened the bag and found a chip that was the size of the brim of a hat. I was in heaven. "Do I eat it or ride it?" I thought to myself. It was big as a skateboard so riding it was an option. I instead decided to photograph it and then ate the heck out that thing. I was full after one chip...okay I finished the burger too but really enjoyed Chipzilla.