Jay Cutler should change his name to Jay Quitler! He  is a quitter. I watched the Bears play the Packers for the NFC championship yesterday. It's a game every kid who grew up playing football dreams of playing in, yet Jay quit. I know injuries happen but he didn't look like he was beat up to me. I think Jay has always been a whiner not a winner.

The thing I love most to see in anyone is passion. I have never seen passion in Jay, not when he is winning and not when he is losing. A leader motivates his team with actions and words. Jay doesn't cheer on the sidelines, he doesn't walk up and down the sideline telling his team to hang in there and rally the troops. He just seems to float along. He has a great arm but no heart. Tim Tebow would have had to be dragged off the field. Brett Favre just this year, after being eliminated from the playoffs and having his consecutive game streak snapped, still wanted to and did start a game. Ronnie Lott , before a big game years ago, had part of his finger removed so he could play the game. You do everything you can to play. You have the chance to go to the Super Bowl!!! You play until you cannot move. I know this is easy to say from the comfort of a chair without 300 lb lineman chasing me but I just don't get it Jay. I have a feeling that Mr. Cutler is going to be remembered like another Jeff George, he has the arm of a champion but the passion and heart of a participant. Sorry Chicago, maybe you can send Jay on the yellow brick road with a couple bucks and he can buy some courage.