This episode of Brian and Todd TV features Fort Collins resident Lindsey Cartier. Lindsey is an American Idol contestant.  She received a golden ticket from the Aspen auditions.  That means she got to go to Hollywood. In her spare time Lindsey is a singer for the funk band Archie Funker. Her real job is a nutritionist at a local grocery store. Brian and Todd had Lindsey as a special guest on their show this morning.

Lindsey may be featured on Wednesday's episode of Idol, but she wasn't allowed to say if she advances or not.  Lindsey chatted with us and then sang a bit of a song just like she was auditioning for JLo, Randy, and Steven.  here is the on-air interview:

After the radio show Lindsey stuck around for an episode of Brian and Todd TV. She talked about her crush on Ryan Seacrest and sang another song, and then she ate pancakes with us!

Videographer Drew Bankston shot this episode for us. (and also made the pancakes)   Star Painter Productions is available to film your event. Whether personal or business get your quote from Star Painter first at (970) 581-9119 or visit their Facebook page. Check out the video courtesy of YouTube and Star Painter Productions.

American Idol Airs tonight on Fox 13 at 7 p.m.