How hard can it be to find a guy in a bright orange jumpsuit?  And how did this jailbird fly the coop in the first place?  And he did so while HANDCUFFED AND SHACKLED!

According to the Greeley Tribune:

A jail inmate escaped today in Greeley and was reported to be armed with a gun in the area of North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. Police were searching for the man, who was reported wearing an orange jail jumpsuit.

Wait!  He has a gun too?  Someone explain this to me.  Guy wearing an orange jumpsuit that can be seen from 2 counties away gets a gun and Greeley?  I guess anything can happen.

I will keep my eyes on the newswires and see if we can update this story as it goes along today.  In the meantime, watch out for gun toting guys in orange jumpsuits for the rest of the day!

4:47PM UPDATE: The prisoner reportedly was in handcuffs and shackles but still managed to get lose and take the officers gun believed to have 10 rounds in it.  Swat teams are on scene at 15th St and 21st Ave and have things in that area on lock down and checking every nook and cranny. Shots were fired around 4:30pm thought it's not clear who was shooting at who and reports also claim a 'hostage' was removed from a home in the area. The escapee is about 6' and 165 pounds and GPD has not released a name as of yet.

5:15PM UPDATE: Suspect believed to have escaped custody at hospital, is holding 1 person hostage though still not clear where. Earlier report said a hostage was removed from a 'home' but it could very well be the hostage at NCMC.  Sketchy details...

5:31PM UPDATE:  Police now reporting the escaped inmate has shot himself and died from the self inflicted gun shot! Sheriff’s spokesman Tim Schwartz identified the escapee as Raul Alaniz, 32.