Kristen Kelly hails from Lorena, Texas and she's not afraid to let everyone know where she's from; Texas pride! Kristen is signed to Arista Nashville and just released her debut single called "Ex-Old Man" and not only are you one of the first to hear the new single on Brand New With Barnes but you're also hearing a brand new artist for the first time and you get to be the judge.

If I had to put my finger on who she sounds like I would have to say Jennifer Nettles but that's just me.  The song "Ex Old Man" is the first from her forthcoming debut album, still to be named, produced by Tony Brown and the legendary Paul Overstreet.

Some Facts:

  1. County Universe praised the sound as "back-to-basics"
  2. It debuted at number 60 on the Hot Country Songs chart dated May 12, 2012
  3. Kelly was invited to joined Brad Paisley's 2012 Virtual Reality World Tour.

As irony would have it though it seems there is some controversy over using a "riff" without permission from a band called OMC (Otara Millionaires Club) out of New Zealand called "How Bizarre."  So why all the stink about using a "riff?"  The song for OMC reached number one in the U.S. back in 1997. (Click Here to hear it)

  • Kristen Kelly - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • John Shaw - Guitar
  • Aaron Eshuis - Guitar
  • Kyle Stallons - Keyboards
  • Klint Stallons - Bass
  • Brett Byars - Drums
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