Brand New With Barnes features new songs from well known artists and singers you've never heard of before. This, is your weekly recap in case you missed some.

  • Ray Scott - Drinkin' Beer

    You're going to hear a lot from Ray Scott in the future. A great storyteller and country through and though. Ray Scott has released three albums since 2005 with songs called "Tijuana Buzzkill," Those Jeans," and "Crazy Like Me" that truly define his style. His newest album however, a self-titled release, is due to what he calls, a "rebirth."  Pretty sure "Drinkin' Beer" will do well on the charts.

  • Corey Kane Band - Cheatin' On A Country Girl

    The Corey Kane Band is another group with Texas roots and founded by Corey Vanderhoof and Lucas (Kane) Seiferman. Even with deep Texas roots, most of the members have an obvious love for Blues and Jazz which all adds to the dynamic sound of the Corey Kane Band.  "Cheatin' On A Country Girl" is their debut radio single and their first big break. The band is currently unsigned,

  • Chasin' Crazy - That's How We Do Summertime

    Chasin' Crazy is a new five-piece group made up by Landon Parker (acoustic guitar/vocals), Travis Fincher, (drums/vocals), Jimmy James Hunter (lead guitarist, vocals), Creigh Riepe (keyboards/guitar, vocals) and Forest Miller (bass/fiddle/mandolin, vocals). You might even say their vocal harmonies are comparable to The Eagles, Little Big Town and the Zac Brown Band. Their debut radio single, "That's How We Do Summertime" is just what you'd think...a fun and infectious song about all that we love about Summer.

  • Chris Young - Lonely Eyes

    There is no doubt 2011 was a huge year for Chris Young by winning ACM awards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Single of the Year for "Voices." I guess having 5 consecutive #1's helped and I don't think he's released a single that hasn't gone at least Top 10. "Lonely Eyes" I'm sure will find success on the charts as it's siblings before. Chris Young will be at the Logan County Fair in Sterling this Saturday, August 9.

  • Steve Azar - Soldier Song

    "Steve" Azar was born April 11, 1964, in Greenville, Mississippi.  He is an American country music artist. Azar originally signed to River North Nashville in 1995, and he released his debut album in February of 1996. Azar then took time away from his music. He returned in 2002 with his biggest hit, the No. 2 "I Don't Have To Be Me ('Til Monday)", which was the lead-off single from his second studio album, Waitin' oh Joe.  Since then Steve has had many studio albums and even started his own record label Dang Records!  This is Steve's latest single, the title "Soldier Song" is pretty self explanatory...enjoy!