A GREAT event is going on today with one of our sister-stations and we hope that you'll get out, have some fun, and help The Make-A-Wish Foundation- an organization that helped out our co-worker Beano!

Get Beano's story and details about Beano's Bowling For Make-A-Wish inside!

Our friend "Beano" works in our building at our sister-station 99.9 The Point. He currently handles the afternoon show, though you MAY have heard him in the morning.

Beano's a great guy: A talented hard worker, a  loving husband and now a new father as well!  He seems to have everything going for him;  you would find it almost impossible to believe that this man, as a teen, was nearly killed by cancer.

When he was 17, Bryan Bean (Beano) had a childhood cancer that created a tumor, the size of a football, attached to his right lung. Without the aggressive chemotherapy and an open heart surgery that he endured, Beano would not have survived.

Within all his ordeal, The Make-A-Wish Foundation came in and gave Beano something that medicine couldn't:  Hope.  Make-A-Wish gave Beano a goal- to hang in there and get that Wish- to keep that dream alive.

Beano is very thankful for all that Make-A-Wish did to help save his life as a teen, and now as adult in radio, he has the opportunity to help THEM help other children.  For the past seven years, Beano and 99.9 The Point have been holding a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.  It's not one of those stuffy, black-tie events either- it's FUN.

The 8th annual "Beano's Bowling For Make-A-Wish" is going on today!

It runs 11-4 at Chipper's Lanes College Center.  Your $15 donation comes with 2 games, shoes, a beer from ODell's Brewing Company, food from Taverna Greek Grill, and dessert from TCBY!

All the money will go to the Colorado Chapter of Make-A-Wish!

What a great way to have fun with the family and raise money for a great cause!