Flickr, jaqui revera

The concept of snuggling with a total stranger is 'interesting' to say the least. According to their website, they cater to 'people who are interested in sharing intimacy and affection via touch while staying within their boundaries'. The website says it's similar to getting a massage but you'd be lying on a bed spooning with one of their Snuggle Stars.  You can see their pictures and bios and request their services.  I know how important touch is and take every opportunity to touch my horses and dogs and offer hugs to the humans in my life.  I find touch to be  therapeutic, but 'm still trying to wrap my head around this idea.

I do know there are people I would not want to snuggle up to.  They include: Simon Cowell, Dr. Phill, John Stewart, and others who are just TOO pompous.