It all began with a ballot and now he's out to prove he was the right choice. Governor Hickenlooper visits Loveland today to promote an economic journey sure to benefit everyone. In a press release issued from the Governor's office Gov. Hickenlooper says:

“We are focusing on the local talent and resources in all 64 Colorado counties, We want to chart a course for economic revival from the bottom up, county by county. This trip is the start of that process.”

The Governor has been on a four day tour, visiting 64 Colorado counties. He is discussing his dreams for job creation, government efficiencies and economic development and recovery.  He is hoping to get input from area business leaders, community members and local officials. Governor Hickenlooper will be at the Ranch, McKee Community Building today, January 19, 2011 at 3p.m. All meeting's are open to the public.

If your voice could be heard what would you have to offer or suggest to the Governor? I ask myself this plenty of times. If I had an audience with the Governor would I complain about the state of the state, the taxes, the crime? Or would I thank him for his insight and stamina to try? I guess I really haven't come up with the answer, I suppose that's cause to be thankful then that he isn't coming to tea with me this afternoon.

Whether we follow politics by getting actively involved or talking about them with friends and colleagues or not, its always nice to know what's going on in our own backyard. And in the end if we  see increased jobs and unity in our communities, how nice would that be?