'Boots On The Ground' is one of those things you are grateful that exists, but you wish it didn't, and you especially don't want to see it come to your hometown, but glad it will.

Boots On The Ground - Photo by Jerry Clark

I spent this past Saturday riding for a great charity; American Military Family. It was a fantastic day with friends, old and new. The end of the day was the best part for me as I got to learn something new, and I love learning new things.

Saturday, I learned about Boots On The Ground at the final stop in Dacono. I walked out to the back patio and there were two sections of red carpet rolled out and on the red carpet, pairs of military combat boots.

After meeting with Tony Garvin, I learned that each pair of boots represented one of the 66 soldiers from Colorado who was killed during the Iraq war. The event started on 4 July and the boots will travel to every single hometown of the 66 from Colorado who were Killed In Action with a one mile walk to honor and remember that individual soldier in their own hometown.

The event ends on 7 September with a two mile walk starting in Denver (841 Santa Fe Dr.) that will end at Mile High Stadium to coincide with the Broncos vs Colts game.

For more information, or to participate, please contact kip@boots66.org.