It's true, when it comes to country stars you'd like in your kitchen cooking dinner you said, overwhelmingly that it would be Blake Shelton.


In a poll earlier this week I asked if you had a celebrity come cook you dinner who would it be, I allowed comments, but narrowed the field to Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton. Blake Shelton won the poll with 35% of the votes, can you guess who came in at a close second? Carrie Underwood with 29% of all votes.

If you chose Carrie Underwood to cook for you, you may be disappointed as she has said that she tries to cook and wants someday to be that mom who has children that says "my mom cooks the best_____"

I don't know that Blake spends any time in the kitchen, but if you chose him, seems his little woman can run a pretty tasty kitchen (maybe he'd bring her along) :)