With the July 12th release of his "Red River Blue", Blake Shelton has completed (or has he?)

his "The Most Interesting Man in Country Music" series of commercials.

It is my pleasure to have compiled all of them for you- here- at K99.com!

Let us begin with our introduction to The Most Interesting Man in Country Music--
How's your job? The Most Interesting Man has advice...
Social Media?- The Most Interesting Man is all over it--
He invented the Mullet Craze of 2002- He knows about hair--
The Most Interesting Man knows a good poem when he hears it-
The Most Interesting Man- Made breakfast- better?
Like the dalai lama- He holds the secrets...
And finally, what can he tell you about what music is?
For the classic-minded - here is a clip from Dos Equis- and their "Most Interesting Man"