Did you get a chance to watch Blake Shelton Not-so-Family Christmas last night?

Blake Shelton sang and cracked jokes... he made me laugh and cry. He prepping for the show he shares fun times and memories with his mom... I got that goosebumps, he is so real and down to earth.

He opened the show with a basic "Johnny Carson Monologue" and talked about homeless people and wanting to give them money but afraid that they would spend it on booze and end up peeing their pants and have to sleep in the cold with wet pee pants, I did not expect to laugh so much and if you didn't see it you have got to see if their is a video out there showing the segment where he reads to children... wow, very funny.

I won't keep going on if you didn't get to see it, but for Pete sake, find it on the internet man, it was awesome and I can't even say any words about the rewritten version of 'Home' for Christmas that Blake and Miranda sang.