Blackjack Billy, to be confused with Billy Jack, can still kick some butt and they will in Fort Collins tomorrow for a FREE show and will also be live in the studio with me in the 3:00 PM hour tomorrow.

Not much to know about Blackjack Billy other than what their bio says:

Once upon a time them boys started jammin', and God looked down and said, 'It is good.'

No serious, that's their entire bio.  Perfect example how short and sweet can get the point across; they let the music do the talking. Tomorrow, you will get to experience it for yourself at the Aggie in Fort Collins.

Show time is 8:00 PM and it's a free show for 21 and over; under 21 is $10 at the door. They will also be live in the studio with me tomorrow (8/20) sometime after 3:30 PM so make sure you tune in for that one; it could get loud!

Bandmates Rob Blackledge, Noll Billings, Jeff Coplan, Patrick Cornell and Brad Cummings have put together a sound all of their own that some have dubbed "Redneck Rock" which sums it up pretty well.  Imagine the Kentucky Headhunters, Blackberry Smoke and Skynyrd all stirred up real good like and you have Blackjack Billy.