One of my all time favorite singers Dwight Yoakam turns 57 today. I can remember working in a record store when his debut album came out and I could not stop listening to it. Here it is decades later and I am still hooked. Dwight just has a cocky coolness about him that just draws me in. His songs tend jangly, just off beat feel to them that oozes coolness. There has never been an artist better at remaking song and making them sound nothing like the original. He has done it with "The Locomotion", "I Want You To Want Me" "Suspicious Minds" and many many more.

I could listen to Dwight all day long. I can honestly say that his album "This Time" is my favorite country album of all time, hands down. I also love his latest release "3 Pears". I debated big time about what 5 to put on my list but here they are, my top 5 Dwight Yoakam songs. What did I miss in your mind?

5. Baby Please Don't Go

4. Streets of Bakersfield

3. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

2.Guitars, Cadillacs

1. Pocket of a Clown