I've always been a fan of Bill Murray: Funny man; dramatic man; overall just a seemingly fun guy. Then you hear a story about how he sits down with a group of strangers and starts drinking and singing karaoke with them!

Imagine you're tearing up doing some karaoke  with friends at a New York club, when none other than the legend Bill Murray joins in!

That's what happened to a group of New York City pals at NYC's Karaoke One 7 club.

One of partiers told humor blog The Chive they saw Murray sitting alone with his date and asked him if he wanted to join them in singing a couple tunes.

Unexpectedly, Murray came over and joined the party, even crooning Elvis Presley tunes. Needless to say, the band of twenty-somethings had a hard time believing it was all actually happening.

But they've got the photos to prove it:

Since last year, Murray's been rumored to crash house parties late at night in Brooklyn's artist-loft-laden East Williamsbug neighborhood—loading his pockets with cans of beer and sneaking away as the sun came up. Sounds like this time around, he just wanted to sing some King.

That's awesome!

When is the last time YOU went karaoking?

What's your favorite song to sing to?

I want to know!

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