I am a huge Big & Rich fan. When their debut Cd "Horse of a Different Color" came out I thought it changed the face and sound of country music. I felt the next few releases we sub par and were kinda a parody of the first release. They are back to their old wonderful wacky ways with the new Cd "Hillbilly Jedi". This is the disc I have been waiting for.

I have always felt Big & Rich were like the peanut butter cup of country music. They are two distinctly different tastes that work beautifully together. Just like peanut butter and chocolate, they are tasty alone but are much better together. Peanut butter can stick to your mouth and chocolate can be bitter but blended together they are irresistible.

There are so many great tunes on "Hillbilly Jedi", and some that are just okay. They also have a couple that make you wonder what the heck you just heard. Like the Beatles when they got into their freaky phase, sometimes you listen and don't know whether they are brilliant or insane. For the most part they are right on target though. The Cd opens with "Born Again", with a guest appearance by Bon Jovi. I like Bon Jovi but feel this one misses the mark a bit. They don't need guest stars and would have been a better tune without Jon. It then cruises through tunes like "Party Like Cowboyz", "Lay It All On Me" and the hit "That's Why I Pray". I feel the disc really kicks it in gear on cut 6 "Rock The Boat". This song may be the new "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy".  It is followed by more great cuts like "Can't Be Satisfied", "Get Your Game On" and my favorite on the disc, "Cheat On You". I think this may be the best tune these boys have cut.

I have been waiting several years for John and Kenny to make an album worthy of their debut and they have now filled my wish. Grab your copy of "Hillbilly Jedi" today and let the force be with you.