When you are up in the mountains, it's not a bad idea to look up once in a while.   A tree could be coming your way.  High winds continued to topple trees in the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Roosevelt National Forest over the weekend. Many of the the trees were killed by the pine beetle,  but winds continue to knock over both dead and live trees. Forest visitors are asked to use extreme caution.

Some popular dispersed areas where trees have fallen this weekend include Camman Springs (Forest Road 127), Crown Point (Forest Road 139), Manhattan Dispersed Camping Sites, and parts of Swamp Creek (Forest Road 171). Downed trees are not limited to these areas. Trees are breaking off both high and low and in some cases completely uprooting.


  • Make sure to look for open areas when selecting a location to camp or park.
  • Take a saw or ax with you to remove fallen trees from roads to avoid becoming trapped.
  • Remember, your safety is your responsibility.
  • Dead and live trees can fall without warning.
  • For additional safety information


Preventative spraying for the mountain pine beetle is expected to start in the Dowdy Lake Campground and Day-use area this week. As of Wednesday the area will be temporarily closed while spraying, and potentially cutting of hazardous trees, takes place. Other temporary closures for hazardous tree cutting could take place throughout the summer.


  • Visitor Information Center: 970-295-6700