My thrift store shopping started with a need for a barn coat about 10 years ago. I found a big old ‘bomber type’ leather jacket…gently worn soft in all the right places. Funny thing, my husband started wearing that coat and not to do chores in. So it was back to the thrift store, back when Goodwill was in Old Town… and you see where this is going. I like the value of high end products at thrifts store prices… so, let’s SHOP!!!

  • Goodwill

    Goodwill is NOW AT 315 Pavilion Ln, Between College and John F Kennedy Pky. I took this picture from the condos across the street where my good friend Michael Stone lives in Fort Collins. I'd been thru the parking lot 2 times- but there just wasn't a space available, save the handicapped spots…(I thought about it) so, while I didn't make it IN the store this time, I have shopped there. In fact I am using the the big serrated bread knife I bought here …to cut twine and apples in the barn. There was quite a line-up of cars waiting to drop off items, so I assume the business is GOOD at Goodwill.

  • Once Again Thrift

    Once Again Thrift is at 2105 South College and their logo says ‘We Support Larimer Youth’…I’m in! This is a cozy store and oh so neat and tidy. It’s chock-a-block with next to new stuff. My co-worker (and mom to a 2-year-old) thinks it’s proximity to ‘Whole Foods’ makes it easy for conscientious shoppers to drop off premium items that they no longer use or need. I spent about $20 on a bunch of pillows that have been washed enough times to be ‘ nicely broken in”.

  • ARC

    ARC , 106 Foothills Parkway, west of Foothills Mall in Fort Collins. There is AMPLE parking at ARC, but the lot was 75% FULL in the middle of the day, don’t these people have jobs?!?…oh wait, I’m here too, anyway this place is Halloween costume heaven for those of us who think $6.99 is plenty to pay for something we’ll only wear for one night. I saw an honest to goodness MINK jacket hanging in a secured area, marveled at the china and dishes, and was quite impressed with the selection of BRIDAL gowns…like I don’t have enough of my own! I always have this Halloween costume at hand.

  • The Salvation Army Family Worship Center: A Center for Worship and Service

    The Salvation Army was not at all what I’d expected. After driving by ‘A Center for Worship and Service’ 3 times I finally noticed the red S.A. logo. This center should be top of the mind for those of us who have over stuffed closet and drawers full of nice warm clothing we don’t need and never wear. There was a woman in the restroom washing her hair in the sink. She then started pulling on boots and sweaters bundling up for the first snow storm of the season. The building on Mason in Fort Collins is very nice and smelled of something wonderful cooking in the kitchen. I’ll go back with clothing that will surely be used.

  • The Big Thrift Store

    When I pulled up to Big Thrift, I realized this store was Lazy Boy up until a few years ago. The building is SO nice and set up ‘like a store’…go figure..the lighting, the music (TRI102.5), the items for sale, EVERYTHING ‘works’ here. The first thing I noticed was a pair of red leather deco chairs… if ONLY I had somewhere to put them!!! There were vintage items including a wringer washing machine and a clothes hamper right out of the 50′s…cute, cute, cute! I bought a black leather coat…I think it’s my sexiest barn coat yet.