Fort Collins some really incredible artists and some amazing artwork that we can look at for free. I drove around town yesterday and captured some photos of some of my personal favorites. In fact, I have compiled a top ten.

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    Warhol Campbell's Soup Can

    The Campbell's Soup Can was part of the Warhol Exhibition that visited Colorado State University in 1981. For years it sat on campus by the CSU Art Building. Now it resides in front of the University Center for the Arts, which is the former Fort Collins High School. It's #10 on my list because of it's iconic status. It was even autographed by Andy Warhol.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Frogs in City Park

    There were 3 or 4 frogs at City Park, but this little guy nestled in Standley Lake was my favorite. They are bright and colorful and always a conversation piece when folks visit the park. They were even getting a new spring paint job while I was there. Kids love climb on them, but I still consider them art.

    Photo by todd Harding
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    Cam The Ram

    Colorado State University has a ton or several tons of art on campus and a few of their pieces made my top ten. The CSU Mascot CAM The Ram stands guard out side the Morgan Library just south of the Lory Student Center Plaza. There are a number of Ram sculptures at CSU, but this one is my favorite.

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    Statue of Liberty in City Park

    Did you even know we have a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Fort Collins? It is on the shores of Stanley Lake in City park. It's actually not far from the Frogs. The Boy Scouts of America, Centennial Arc Welding, City of Fort Collins, Elizabeth Woodworth, Fort Collins Round Table, Northern Colorado Art Facility, Nothern Colorado Council of Camp Fire Inc, dedicate this replica of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty. I just think it looks cool with the lake behind it.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    20% Chance of Flurries

    "20% Chance of Flurries" is by artist Chris Navarro. It can be found right in the center of the CSU Campus in a big grassy area east of the Clark Building. You probably wouldn't find it unless you were looking for it. What I like about the statue is that the top half is metal and it sits on white snow, or what used to be white snow before time and the weather dirtied it up a bit.

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    Swinging by Lee Stark is one of many pieces that can be found in Old Town Square. It's a girl swinging in a tree swing that seems to be suspended in mid-air. Swing welcomes you into the Square from the south.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    On Broad Shoulders

    The statue "On Broad Shoulders" and was done by artist Susan Raymond for Veterans Plaza in Spring Canyon Park. It is a soldier with a little guy on his shoulder. If you haven't stopped by Veteran's Plaza you need to do it. Very inspiring. Spring Canyon Park is at the very west end of Horsetooth road.

    Veterans Plaza/Facebook
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    Spirit of Fort Collins

    "Spirit of Fort Collins" is also commonly called the Fountain in Old Town Square. It features geese flying over a giant boulder, and also happens to be a water feature. It is the piece of art that is probably most commonly associated with the City of Fort Collins and is one of my favorites too.

    Photo by Todd Harding
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    Swetsville Zoo Dinosaurs

    I think Swetsville Zoo is technically in Timnath now, but I have always claimed it as one of the gems of Fort Collins. There are at least 7 or 8 dinosaurs made out of old farm equipment that could easily make my list of best sculptures, but I chose the one I did because it's one my wife took a picture of last time we were there. The T-Rex that used to sit in front of the Lincoln Center was always my favorite.

    Photo by Jenny Harding
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    Cirlcle of Tranquility

    Number 1 on my list of "Best Sculpture Art in Fort Collins" may come as a surprise. It is relatively new. When they did the remodel of Lincoln Center they changed the artwork outside the building too. The best addition was the "Circle of Tranquility". It is fountain with a rolling ball in it. It's very cool. Seriously, you need to drive by and see it on Mulberry Avenue if you haven't.

    Photo by Todd Harding