Fort Collins has dozens of great parks.  Almost every one of those parks has a playground.  All of the playgrounds are nice, but couple of great playgrounds stand out above the rest.  We have created a list of Our Top 5 Playgrounds in Fort Collins. We even created a YouTube video playing on all of the playground equipment.

Photo by Jenny Harding
Photo by Jenny Harding

#5 - Edora Park

Edora Park's playground could be compared to many others in Fort Collins. There are probably 10 different playgrounds that could have finished 5th on our list, but we chose Edora because of the older trees that provide lots of shade for the playground on a hot summer afternoon.

Just like many other parks in the city, Edora has two full playground sets with slides and swings and plenty of things to climb on.  The signature piece is what we would describe as a purple climby thing. Sand is the surface of choice. The equipment is a little older than some of the other playgrounds in town, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

Edora Park also has baseball fields, tennis courts, horseshoe courts, a BMX Track, a skateboard skate park and is right next to Epic Ice Skating and Swimming Center.

Edora Park is located on East Stuart Street between Welch Street & Riverside Avenue.

Photo by Todd Harding
Photo by Jenny Harding

#4 - Fort Collins City Park

Fort Collins City Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, but it has one of the nicer playgrounds. There are 2 separate playgrounds side-by-side. One is for the little tikes. The other is for the bigger kids. It's complete with lots of slides and swings and things to climb on.

The main playground features a giant green cannon.  Legend has it that the cannon was in the park long before the swing sets and slides.  The playground used to be west of where it is now and it migrated toward the cannon over the years. Without a doubt, the cannon secures City Park's spot at #4 on our list.

City Park offers plenty of things to do near the playground including an outdoor swim park, tennis courts, ballfields, basketball courts, a miniature train, and paddle boats on City Park Lake.

Fort Collins City Park is located on Mulberry Street between Shields Street & Taft Hill Road.

Photo by Jenny Harding

#3 -  Gardens on Spring Creek

Photo by Jenny Harding

The gardens on Spring Creek may not have made most people's list for of best playgrounds. Others might say it is their favorite.  That is why we put it right in the middle at #3.

It is a very non-traditional playground, but it is a great play-place for kids. There are no swings and no slides and no monkey bars, but plenty to do.

The Gardens features a brilliant little Playhouse with a wonderful little sandbox right next door, an exhibit called "Flow" that makes use of the dozens of watering cans on site, and a "Secret Garden" that makes a a perfect hiding spot when the foliage is full.  There is also a giant watering can that is fun to climb in, a sundial and a beautiful waterfall with Koi and ducks swimming about.

It is a garden so there are plenty of beautiful plants. At the beginning of June it will transform into a very beautiful spot. Kids will have fun here, but they will also likely learn something!

The Gardens on Spring Creek is on Center Avenue between Shields Street and Prospect Avenue.

Photo by Jenny Harding
Photo by Jenny Harding

#2 - Fossil Creek Park

Choosing the top 2 playgrounds in Fort Collins was an easy job.  Choosing which one should be number one, was not so easy.  Fossil Creek Community Park was obviously in the top two, but was narrowly edged out for the top spot.

Fossil Creek has some awesome things to play on that set it apart from all the others. There is a giant Woolly Mammoth that welcomes you to the playground (Tarpits Play Area) d is really cool to climb on too.  The big yellow slide is unlike any other in Northern Colorado and reminded us of a giant waterslide at a waterpark, except this one doesn't have water.  The other really unique feature to Fossil Creek is the fossil wall. Fun to climb! Fun to look at!  The other playground equipment is very unique and looks like it comes from another world, but it makes kids in this world very happy.

Fossil Creek also has a skate park, a roller hockey rink, a dog park, and tennis and basketball courts.  Adventure Island is also part of the experience with Island elements such as the log bridge, tusk gateway, and tusk hut.

Fossil Creek Park is located on South Lemay Avenue, between Harmony Road & Trilby Road.

Photo by Jenny Harding


Photo by Jenny Harding

#1-Inspiration Playground (Spring Canyon Community Park)

Our Best Playground in Fort Collins is Inspiration Playground at Spring Canyon Community Park, which sits on 100 acres tucked up against the Foothills in West Fort Collins. Inspiration Playground was designed to be handicap accessible but it is a wonderful play-place for all children.

There is a super-fun slide that is built right into the side of a rocky cliff. There is an amazing sand play area that puts most sandboxes to shame. Inspiration Playground has more playground equipment than any other spot in the entire city. The play areas are shaded from the sun and are all wheelchair accessible. There is a giant rocking apparatus that is big enough for the whole family. There are rocks to climb on and things to crawl under. There are swingsets on both sides of the playground. The playing surface is state of the art. It is soft yet durable and allows wheel chairs to roll freely around the play areas.

Right next to the playground is a 2 acre dog park, lighted basketball and tennis courts, ballfields, mountain biking trails, and lots of picnic areas.

Inspiration Playground is in Spring Canyon Community Park on Horsetooth Avenue west of Taft Hill Road.