This weekend on K99 it's a "One Hit Wonder Weekend"!  So, I decided to tackle the the task of coming up with a top-ten list of the "Best One Hit Wonders in Country Music History".


10. James Bonamy

James Bonamy's "I Don't Think I Will" was his only top 20. He played the K99 Free Stage at the Greeley Stampede in 1996.

9. Davis Daniel

Davis Daniel's "For Crying Out Loud" was his only top 20. I couldn't even find an official video for this song, but Brian and I both loved this guy when he visited K99 back in 1991.

8. Trailer Choir

Trailer Choir was another band we met on the K99 Free Stage at the Greeley Stampede. Their only top 40 hit was "Rockin' The Beer Gut". Ever since Big Vinny lost weight on the Biggest Loser, the band has kind of disappeared.

7. Cyndi Thompson

Cyndi Thompson's debut single "What I Really Meant to Say"  went to #1. Cyndi had 2 other top 40 hits. Then she quit the business cold turkey.

6. The Pirates of the Mississippi

The Pirates of the Mississippi  only had one hit in the top 20. It was their most beloved song and their most hated. It's "Feed Jake". This video aired on TNN in the 90s.

5. The Tractors

The Tractors are a true one hit wonder.  They had "Baby Likes to Rock It" in 1994. That's it. It was their only hit. They even put out 6 albums, but could never again find the magic they found with that one song.

4. George Ducas

George Ducas' Lipstick Promises went top 10. He had one other song that barely made it into the top 40, "Teardrops", but he in commonly referred to as a one hit wonder. I remember bringing him into the exhibition building at Island Grove Park years ago.

3. Terri Gibbs

Terri Gibbs is not really a one hit wonder, but the ONLY song she is known for is "Somebody's Knockin'". It was her only top 10. Terri actually had 5 other songs that cracked the top 40.

2. Perfect Stranger

I remember bringing Perfect Stranger into the White Buffalo in Loveland, when it was the place to be. "You Have The Right to Remain Silent" went top 5 in 95 and then.....

1. Heartland

Heartland's "I Loved Her 1st" went #1 in 2006. It was their only hit! They were a one hit wonder in the truest sense of the word and what a great song. It became THE song to use for the father-daughter dance at weddings. However, that didn't seem to help Heartland's career. Check out this YouTube video: